A birds eye-view of Phoenix
Photo by: laszlo-photo, Creative Commons

There’s more to Phoenix, Arizona aside from being a thriving modern city. As the capital and the largest city in the state of Arizona, it serves as the heart of the Central Arizona area and serves as the gateway to over 20 other communities that make up the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area fondly nicknamed by locals as the “Valley of the Sun”. 7 Fortune 1000 companies call Phoenix City home.

But the past also thrives here in Phoenix City, as evidenced by the number of museums, galleries and performing venues where the Southwestern and Native American influences of the area are greatly felt from the architecture of the building to the exhibits being showcased. Special mentions include the Heard Museum which has an impressive Native American art collection and the largest visual art destination in the Southwest, the Phoenix Art Museum. Downtown Phoenix is especially teeming with Phoenix art and history thanks to the growth experienced by the art scene there over the last decade.

Situated in the northeast side of the vast Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is reported to experience the hottest climate among all of the major cities in the United States. That however doesn’t seem to deter many of its residents (1.6 million people and counting as of 2009) nor the many tourists who especially enjoy going on outdoor excursions and recreation during the warm winters of Phoenix.

Tourism is particularly high during the month of November until April when weather conditions are especially conducive for outdoor activities from hiking, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and many more in the various Phoenix parks. Golf is particularly popular in the area with over 200 golf courses spread out in the Phoenix desert canyons and luxurious resorts.

Be sure to check out all 33 landmarks in the Phoenix Points of Pride list which includes offbeat destinations like the Mystery Castle and other interesting natural landmarks among others.

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