Ariel view of Phuntsholing, Bhutan
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

Phuentsholing is a boundary municipality in the south of Bhutan, located in Chukha Dzongkang, opposite the Jaigaon’s Indian town. Cross-border trading has ended in a flourishing local financial system. Phuntsholing serves as a headquarters to the Bank of Bhutan.

An apparent contrast is present in the culture athwart the margins, which is divided by a lengthy wall with a solitary Tibetan-style gate. At times, Phuntsholing locals can even pass without requiring papers. On the other hand, tourists without Indian passports will require a visa that is presented by an appointed registered tourist guide. Bhutanese Army guards watch the gate. It is suggested that you bring your Indian passport or identity card at all times in case you might be asked for verification.

The boundary evidently divides two totally contrasting cultures and peoples. Jaigaon is loud and bustling, comparable to several other West Bengal centres of commerce, even with a lot of obvious Bhutanese shoppers. The town is distinctively more urban compared to other towns of Bhutan, having absorbed the neighbouring culture but definitely far more orderly and quiet than its neighbour. By just looking at its satellite photo, you will notice that Jaigaon is crammed with little buildings while Phuntsholing is packed with larger buildings organized in rows. The town of Phuntsholing also congregates Bhutan’s housing ventures for the Nepalese refugees.

As most traded goods enter Bhutan, and as it congregates the most reachable Indian marketplace, Jaigaon is much larger and attracts more tourists.

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