Pico Bolivar

Pico Bolivar 400
Pico Bolivar Tourist Guide, Venezuela
Photo by: Diego , Creative Commons

Pico Bolivar is the highest mountain in Venezuela. The famous attraction was named after Simon Bolivar who is a hero for Venezuelan independence. To get to Pico Bolivar, you need to ride the Merida Cable Car which is the longest and the highest cable car in the world.

From the last station in Merida, which is Pico Espejo, you need to make a six hour trek up to Pico Bolivar. The trek will be physically demanding but the view and the feeling you get once you reach the top is priceless.

What You Should Not Miss

While getting to Pico Bolivar, enjoying the Merida cable car ride is a must. Each station has different wonderful sceneries that will definitely amaze you. Stations like Pico Nieve and Pico Espejo are just some of the popular peaks that you will see while riding the world famous cable car in Venezuela.

The glacier formations found on Pico Bolivar is something that you should not miss seeing because of its beauty and amazing history which dates back to the Pleistocene era.

What You Should Remember

Physical preparations are needed if you want to get to Pico Bolivar. Exercising and getting enough training is needed so that you won’t get easily exhausted and you won’t have a hard time getting to the top. You will need to wear cold weather gear when doing the hike since the mountain is capped in snow. Taking a camera to take pictures of the breathtaking view is also advised.

Pico Bolivar is elevated to almost five thousand meters above sea level so it is definitely cold and you will have difficulty when it comes to breathing. As much as possible, you need to have adequate knowledge on how to properly prepare yourself for hiking in high altitude areas since it can get fatal if you get there unprepared.

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