Pintung Night Market, Taiwan
Photo by: lanchongzi, Creative Commons

Located in Pingtung County south of Taiwan, Pintung offers fairly cold weather during winter and an extremely hot weather during summer. Pintung City is centered between the eastern and western coast mountain. Although the current population of this place is around 210,000, it is still considered by many people as a small city. But being small doesn’t really mean there is nothing to see. There is definitely beauty in Pintung City. Many historical and leisure sites can be seen in Pintung City, historical temples and night markets are the most common.

Here are some of the popular destinations that can be found in Pintung.

Night Markets – Although not as big as the night market in Kaohsiung, Pintung’s night market still offers the best deals in the country. Similar to Kaohsiung night market, the items that are sold here are very cheap and reasonable. Exotic and mouth watering dishes can also be found here.

Temples – Temples are very common all over Taiwan. But what make the temples in Pintung unique are their unique temples that are made entirely from different ocean stones and seashells. These temples are usually located near the Pintung’s border limits.

Zhong Shan Park – A Park that is located right next to a department store, this place is extremely popular not only for tourists but also to locals. Many people use this as recreational, practicing and performing grounds. Numerous people can be seen here doing Taichi, dancing, training and playing fun local games.

Ken Ting National Park – This place is also a popular place to visit. Mainly for recreation purposes, many people visit the park during weekdays. The park provides a calm natural ambiance. There are also many activities and sight seeing that can be done inside the park.

Pintung is also rich in local cuisines. To make the stay more exciting, why not explore the Pintung on your feet. This way, discovering Pintung’s beauty will be memorable.

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