Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum

When going to the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum, the visitor will notice that he or she is actually in a life-sized museum. This place is an open-air museum with 28 reconstructed village structures. Included in these buildings are an opera house, blacksmith, and a school house. The attractions are not confined in a single building. Wandering around this museum village would be like travelling back in tie and enjoying the sights and sounds of a bygone era.

Apart from that, what sets the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum is that, as inferred by its name, it is actually a living museum, which means all the buildings are functional, with real people in them. A visitor will not be having a Pompeii-like ghost town experience with everything preserved, stuck. This place has real people with functioning buildings that just look (and are intended to be) a hundred years behind.

Visitors receive an authentic feel of how pioneer families of centuries ago lived. The museum hosts a good number of wildlife like jackrabbits, cottontails, ground squirrels and birds, which in turn capture the time the museum is trying to showcase. The authenticity of the museum reaches a point that it actually has snakes in the facility, with warnings all around the premises about snakes. Visitors can get inside the cabins to see what furniture and appliances (if any) pioneer families had.

Due to the authenticity of the village museum’s construction, the streets of the museum get muddy and at times, flooded during rainy season. On the other hand, strolling around the museum can also be a chore during the summer, as Arizona weather can be mercilessly hot. Thus, it is recommended that visitors visit this quirky museum during the cooler yet dry months. It is also advisable for visitors to call the museum before going ahead and planning the trip. The museum is closed during Mondays and Tuesdays.

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