Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor 400
Plaza Mayor de Madrid
Photo by: pablo.sanchez, Creative Commons

The Plaza Mayor is in the city of Madrid, Spain. Built at the time the Habsburgs were in power is not far from the Puerta del Sol plaza. The Plaza Mayor measures 394ft x 295ft, it contains three floored buildings that features about 237 balconies. The Plaza Mayor features 9 entranceways and it also used for public celebrations.

The Plaza Mayor was built on the site of a market place on the outskirts of the city. The Plaza Mayor was designed by Juan de Herrara and the first plans were laid in the year 1581 during the reign of Emperor Philip II.

The construction began during the reign of Emperor Philip II in the year 1617 and later the Plaza Mayor was destroyed in a fire accident. The Plaza Mayor was rebuilt and the designs were rendered by the Spanish architect Juan de Villanueva and the Plaza Mayor was up again by the year 1790.

Plaza Mayor is one of the major tourist attractions in the Madrid and attracts millions of tourists every year. It is the center for a number of events that includes the public executions, bull fights, markets and soccer games.

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