Plzeň, Czech Republic

Photo by: Owner , Creative Commons

Plzeň is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. It can definitely boast of its rich architectural history. It is also widely known all over the world for their locally produced brand of beer, the Pilsner Urquell. There’s a lot of buzz going around the city because it is considered to be the seat of academic, business and cultural life of the west Bohemian part of the republic. It is no wonder that there is a growing number of visitors from all over the world that are starting to discover the many wonders to be found in this part of the Czech Republic.

Adding to the town’s rich and interesting history, it is actually made out of a chessboard plan pioneering the style of high-Gothic urbanism. The Church of St. Bartholomew, being a great infrastructure, symbolizes the city’s foundation for Gothic architecture is also known as the top tourist spot you shouldn’t miss.

There is also a network of three-story cellars that proves to be an interesting tourist destination because of the remarkable way it was built. This is a historical underground infrastructure that was built around the Middle Ages. However, there are other landmarks that represent different periods of time. For example, there is the monumental Town Hall that was built around the Renaissance period. A series of houses and buildings built in the Baroque style signifies the period very well. The third largest synagogue built around the 19th century is also located in this place. It is constructed in a Moorish-Romanesque style.

Another good thing about being in Plzeň is that not only will you get to taste their world-famous beer, but they also offer a guided tour in their breweries. You get to see first-hand how this world-class beverage is made and get to taste some of it on the tour as well.

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