Village in Annapurna range
Photo by: MinutesAlone, Creative Commons

Pokhara is located west of Kathmandu and is the thrid largest city in Nepal. Dubbed as the ‘Enchanted Himalayan valley,’ Pokhara is one of the most popular tourist spots especially for those adventurous at heart. People who wish to travel here find that Pokhara is easily accesible. This city is sorrounded by snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and offers a spectacular view of the Himalayan Lake with its crystal-clear waters. Pokhara’s climate is warmer than Kathmandu and is typically wet around mid-June to mid-September. The best time to visit this city is around October and April.

The center of all attractions in Pokhara is the Fewa Lake. It is the second largest water body in the kingdom. Colorful boats can be rented if you are interested in trying out its waters. The lakeside offers a great view of the Himalayas, which is why numerous hotels are there.

David’s Fall is another popular tourist spot. It is a magnificent waterfall that goes into a deep, narrow hole that seems to be bottomless. Modern legend has it that a tourist by the name of David went skinnydipping in Pardi Khola River when the dam floodgates opened. It is said that the gushing water pushed him into the bottomless depths of the waterfall and was never seen again.

The Barahi Temple is considered as the religious focal point of Pokhara. It is found in the middle of Fewa Lake and is dedicated to the boar form of the female deity Ajima. Usually on Saturdays, people visit the temple to sacrifice animals.

Visiting Pokhara, Nepal is like going on a nature retreat and is highly recommended for people who like to trek and for those who simply want to bask in the entire natural splendor that this city can offer.

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