Polar Ice Cap

polar Ice cap 400
Polar Ice Cap
Photo by: NikiSublime , Creative Commons

For your next travel destination, make it a point to visit the Polar Ice Cap that is found in a very cold place called Antarctica. It seems to look as if Christmas comes everyday due to the thick layers of snow that you will soon come across. Being in this place is as cold as being in an enormous freezer, but more and more tourists are attracted to explore this often overlooked part of the world.

You will meet many tourists on your visit to the Polar Ice Cap who will share this special place with you. It is a spectacular adventure to be so close with nature and be present in a place that can actually cover the entire globe with its ice. Do make this one of your top choices for your trip since it would be a once in a lifetime experience to actually experience a Polar Ice Cap. Sure you can see it in movies and television, but nothing beats the actual experience of seeing it person.

Ask any tourist who has already gone to the Polar Ice Cap and they will tell you how amazed they were to see the tranquility of the place. It’s amazing to witness the various animals that freely roam there. One is the Emperor Penguin who happens to be so tall in real life. Did you know that they reach as high as a six year old boy? That is pretty tall for a bird right? Just be ready to bear the odor since these Penguins can be a little smelly since they eat is fish. Even though there are areas where plants grow, it is not part of their diet.

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