Poltava central park
Photo by: Vlad & Marina Butsky, Creative Commons

Poltava is in between Kyiv and Kharkiv. The battle of the Cossacks in 1709 has had a great influence to this city. And perhaps, this event is the main reason for its popularity. Poltava, actually, has a museum that displays Czar Peter’s uniform, which is relatively large. There are also several monuments that depict the historical battle. Tourists and travelers may want to visit Zhovtneva Street, as well. This place is basically considered to be the heart of Poltava city. Lots of restaurants and shops, as well as, other attractions are found here.

Tourists could visit the Poltava Art Museum or the Poltava Local History Museum if they want to learn more about the city. History and local artworks are primarily the focus of the latter. They could also go to the place of Kotlyarevsky, a Ukrainian writer, if they want to see a house that has been turned into a museum. Church enthusiasts may visit some of Ukraine’s oldest churches too. The Spaska Church, for instance, was built in the eighteenth century. It was, probably, built around 1705 to 1706. Then, they could also visit the Uspenska Church. Well, this church is actually new, but its bell tower has been around since the seventeenth century. Another popular church in Poltava is the Spassky Church. It is really an outer covering that protects a very old wooden church within.

There are also restaurants and dining places that may interest hungry travelers and tourists. Halushky is a very popular local dish that is made from boiled dough. It is so popular that a monument was actually built in honor of it. Nevertheless, tourists may dine at the Arabeska restaurant. It is rather famous for the live animals that surround its customers. There is also the Ivana Hora restaurant, which is regarded as the most expensive in the city. And after a fulfilling meal, perhaps some sweets from Dominic Candy Store would suffice. In addition, shopaholics may visit Hudozhney Salon for some native Ukrainian crafts. Frunzey and Shevchenko also has numerous bazaars wherein food, clothing, toys, books, flowers, and lots of other things may be bought at really affordable prices. Soviet lore may also be bought here at much lower prices compared to those found in Kyiv. Tourists may also want to see the Column of Glory, the October Park, and the Gogol Theatre where affordable plays and classical concerts could be seen.

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