Pompeii, The Forgotten City

Pompeii in Italy
Photo by: Perrimoon, Creative Commons

Pompeii, also known as the forgotten city, was a Roman settlement that was devastated by volcanic eruptions in 79 A.D. It is located in the province of Naples (Campania, Italy). The city was first occupied by Romans in the 6th century and converted into a resort city. Today, it is an attraction for archaeologists from all over the world due to the fact that most of the architecture has been preserved by the ashes from the volcanic eruption.

The volcano that was responsible for the destruction of Pompeii is Mount Vesuvius. The eruptions from the volcano were so strong that the buildings and the people were covered in twelve thick layers of mud and ash. After the city was covered in volcanic ashes, it was slowly forgotten and erased from the history books until it got rediscovered in 1738 by workers working for the King of Naples. Since then, it has become one of the earliest excavated cities in the world.

Before Pompeii succumbed to the eruptions, it was a blossoming township and a progressive commercial port of the Sarno River in Italy. The most notable buildings that have been excavated from the ashes are a Roman basilica and an amphitheatre. The excavations also include many intact wall paintings, pottery, and coinage.

In today’s world, the University of Bradford is responsible for most of the excavations and provides the history of the great city in the form of photos available on the internet. The city of Pompeii is a highly-visited tourist place due to its unique architectural designs and its history.

94 responses to “Pompeii, The Forgotten City”

  1. Emily says:

    pompii is a bad place to live because people were killed because of the voalcanoa.
    the voalcanoa is due to erupt

  2. captain obvious says:

    no kidding emily. -_-

  3. CJ says:

    Emily, you’re a really weird person

  4. ????????? says:

    u guys suck! pompeii really is a great place to live

  5. theresa says:

    pompeii is the best!i feel sorry for the people who dieed

  6. jese says:

    im pompeii is awesome the volcano explosion happen 100000 thousands of years ago ! FOR A FACT IM FROM ITALY ITALIAN

  7. Reem says:

    Oh really , well before u say that why not check the disgusting crimes that this city was full of.

  8. justa says:

    thats crazy that volcano was really big and scary

  9. ???? says:


  10. DF MAN says:

    You people are stupid. Pompeii is a very historic place and i would do anything to see this place.

  11. ABCDEFGH says:

    It might not be a good idea to live in Pompeii, but it would be so cool to see the architecture of ancient rome

  12. Jade says:

    I Can’t believe this poor Pompii its so not fair to see everyone die! :'( i saw a picture of people in pompii that were found in the ashes and some people were skeletons already and its true!!! and one dog was chained to a pole and struggled there for hours and hours but the ashes got him and now he iis in an meusiam we are learining about the Volcanoes & Pompii now i have to write this all down :'( like i said ….poor pompii :'(

  13. JOE says:

    it’s Pompeii not Pompii

  14. "????" says:

    Pompeii is an awesome place to vist an is a great place for a family trip in
    my opinion if u go back to the past Pompeii was a very
    well known places and was very wealthy

  15. "????" says:

    Pompeii is an awesome place to vist an is a great place for a family trip in
    my opinion if u go back to the past Pompeii was a very
    well known places and was very wealthy Pompeii is a perfect places to vist for kids and adults basically anyone
    At any age

  16. McKenzie says:

    I think that pompeii would be a great place to live

  17. jared says:

    learning about it in school

  18. jillyman says:

    i learn in school too. have to do report on pompeii. very exhausted i am italian and mexican.;)

  19. jade xxx :) says:

    Hey i dont really know would i like to live in pompeii but i love Ireland where i come from ;)…

  20. jade xxx :) says:

    Can anyone give me a few facts based on Pompeii i have to do a project in school tomorrow 🙂 xxxxxx

  21. Ethan lolster says:

    Same I need some desperate facts please

  22. Kulsoom says:

    Pompeii has a volcano called mount Vesuvius.

  23. lily says:

    same any facts anyone leave a meggage at lilys office please I have a pompeiiroject tommorow anyone

  24. lily says:

    same any facts anyone leave a meggage at lilys office please I have a pompeii thing

  25. lol ;0 says:

    lol u guys,
    im going to pompeii soon amd wanna know the best

  26. frances loves dogs says:

    Awesome I will to learn more about volcanoes and where my uncle lives he has a volcano:-)

  27. frances loves dogs says:

    My natural disaster is the volcanos:-)

  28. 5lalkaklakas says:

    @Emily. I hope your grammar gets killed because of the volcano

  29. awesome guy says:

    that volcano was AWESOME like me

  30. 5lalkaklakas says:

    personally i think pompeii is a nice place to live.
    and i think awesome guy”_ _ _ _ s”,and awesome guy should be thrown into complete a bis.


    @Reem. Culd u tell me where i can find out bout dah crimes pompeii was full of? U c i needa do i fact file on a man made feature of Italy. Fanx! 😉

  32. Supa says:

    uhhh pompeii was not wealthy its was poor and died a misrable death… get your facts right kids

  33. test2 says:

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  35. lolyoloswagmasterbbzxoxo says:

    Bbz Pompeii is all lava cuz it all exploded liek a your mu7m omg shut up bcuz you dont now cuz u hvnt been there, ma mum went and she totes fell in da lava, ow she’s all deed liek, so shut app about tpompay, its shyt bbz xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  36. Bbsbbq says:

    Pompeii rocks -.-

  37. salem says:

    The ash and stones,tells the story of the strichen city pompeii.

  38. Mizz don't need to show my name says:

    It’s even awful to look at it getting demolished to pieces

  39. Chacha says:

    Pompeii is a great place to be if I were you(-:

  40. mariam says:

    i love pompeii its awesome but i still go with emily shes right bad place

  41. Victoria says:

    Y’all all need to stfu bc y’all don’t know what y’all talking about.Pompeii is a very historical place and I’ve actually been to see it.It was an amazing place,I was devastated to see the people,animals,ect.They were killed and covered with hashty

  42. jam says:

    I think pompiie is a good and bad place to live because of the volcano might erupt any minute :-[

  43. rhaine says:

    But Pompeii is a forgotten city because of the massive volcano eruption. I’d like to explore the wonderful beings of this forgotten city or whatever. BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  44. heyo!!!!! says:

    I am doing research about Pompeii because I am going there in three days and I can’t wait! I live in Italy, and am homeschooled so I can see all these cool places everybody dreams about going to. What happened to Pompeii is really sad, but I think it is a very historical place that I can learn a lot from.

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