Ponce, Puerto Rico
Photo by: migulski , Creative Commons

Ponce, Puerto Rico is a city and at the same time municipality located in Puerto Rico’s southern part. It was named after Juan Ponce de Leon y Loayza who was a great grandson of the famous Spanish conqueror Juan Ponce de Leon. The city is the 2nd largest in the country and also named The Noble City, The Pearl of the South and Genip City.

Ponce, Puerto Rico has numerous land and water attractions. Land features include numerous elevations, slopes, forests and mountains. The Cerro de Punta has the highest elevation in Puerto Rico. Water features include a multitude of rivers, lakes, lagoons, springs and beaches. Ponce’s rivers form the hydrographic system of the city.

Ponce, Puerto Rico has many great things to offer tourists. Architects joined together to design and give their city a very unique look. Many structures in the city were designed based on architecture of Barcelona. They also established Teatro La Perla, Museum and residence. The downtown part of Ponce houses most of their tourist attractions. To accommodate the growing number of tourists, several hotels, casino, resorts and restaurants were built.

The city was known for their quality museums and landmarks. The main square in town named Plaza Las Delicias has an attractive fountain called the Lions Fountain. You can also see the Parque de Bombas which is a historical firehouse and the Ponce Cathedral. If you want to overlook the city, you can go to their observation tower named Serralles Castle and be amazed by the city’s beauty.

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