Castles Ruins in the Poprad Valley
Photo by: robson2313, Creative Commons

Poprad is known as one of the most important cities in eastern Slovakia. This may be because of its thriving economy that is due to its mountain tourism and other foreign investments. There are about 55,000 inhabitants in this city that has been in existence since the 13th century.

The city can be easily accessed through many modes of travel. Its airport offers regular flights to London and Prague. The train station in the city has numerous connections to Kosice, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest. There are also buses that travel in the area that come from many regional centers. If you will be coming at the area by car, you can use the E50 highway for quick route to most of its destinations.

This is another city in the country where rich history can be seen from the structures and sights that you can feast your eyes on. It will be best to know where you are going by listing down all places you intend to visit so that you won’t miss out on anything while roaming about. At its town, you will be delighted at various historical buildings that are situated on the central street.

These mirror great influences of German and Polish styles. If you will get to see the 13th century church, you will be amazed at the traces of interior wall painting that have been retained from what these have been since the middle ages. Many of the city’s visitors come to enjoy the High Tatras National Park where they can peek at small alpine mountains during summer and enjoy skiing in the winter.

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