An Alleyway in downtown Porec
Photo by: Dieter Karner, Creative Commons

Porec, Croatia is accessible via sailing from Venice through the Venezia Lines. It is advisable to travel here during the months of April to September, which the preferred months for vacation of many tourist from different parts of the world.
Considered as one of the humble yet beautiful places in the country, it is very easy to roam around Porec. The town is so small and you can never get lost wandering the streets and admiring the panoramic sceneries. There are bus stations, which you can easily access for a cheaper means of transportation, as well as taxis that you may ride in to explore the entirety of the place. Taxi stands are also situated near hotels, so you will have no trouble at all finding them when you need one.

The food is really good in Porec. The restaurants here are definitely world class and the crew members are very friendly and accommodating. There are even restaurants that specialize in serving foreigners, with personnel speaking various languages for easier and clearer communication with the customers.

Croatian culture, art and history are abundant in Porec. There are parts of the town that exhibit these aspects, which are among the reasons why tourists are flocking here for vacation and trips. Among these is the Euphrasian basilica, which is an important cultural and historical place.

Porec also has very interesting Archaeological finds that tell of the great history behind each structure. These include the ruins of Roman forums and temples that clearly speak of the important presence of Romans in the area centuries ago.
Aside from ancient artifacts, modern treasures can also be found in Porec to the delight of every tourist. There are shopping hubs where you can buy souvenir items and other stuff. Cafes and other essential establishments are also located all around for the tourist’s convenience.

Although it is small in area, Porec is large in historical value and artistic importance. Additionally, there are also beaches where you may spend the afternoon getting a tan or getting some healthy exercise by swimming. These beaches are also a venue for meeting fellow tourists as well as getting to know locals of the place.

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