Downtown Porlamar
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

As the center of commerce in the island of Margarita, it is just natural for Porlamar to receive attention not only from the locals but from the South American tourists as well. Venezuela gets a lot of international tourists every year because people are always interested in their ways of preserving their culture. Museums are everywhere and each museum has unique artifacts depicting the rich culture of their city in their country as a whole.

Since this is the largest city in the island of Margarita, it paved the way for it to have more shops than any other cities in the island. The nightlife is also something to boast about as it is the most active in this city than in any other in Margarita. The restaurants are excellent and the food they serve are really deserving of attention. Shopaholics would also have the time of their life going around the various shops in the city. This would be their chance to have the common South American style and incorporate it with their current style. They can buy clothes from the local shops then combine them with their normal clothes and look as if they have bought an entirely new wardrobe.

Other than the shops and the restaurants, Porlamar also has amazing vistas. Their beaches have gorgeous white sand and their mountain ranges are something to be excited about. With these amazing sights, both modern and traditional activities will be enjoyed without having to leave this city.

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