Port Antonio

Port Antonio Cruise waiting
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Port Antonio, the capital of the parish of Portland, is known as a major tourist destination in Jamaica whereas tourism is a great contributor to its economy. In addition, it is a trade point for bananas and coconuts as the location of the third largest port in Jamaica.

It is the home of some of the most beautiful natural attractions such as beaches, waterfalls, and lagoons. Before the 1880s, Port Antonio is a very inactive town. The introduction of the banana trade was the start of its springing up to its feet and becoming a tourist spot frequented by rich Americans.

It is almost as if you are visiting a place in a different era while in Port Antonio. Its beauty and grandeur is overwhelmingly charming.

Food and Dining

Satisfying your taste buds is not difficult in Port Antonio. It is a place with a wide selection of restaurants mainly because it is a resort area. Most restaurants offer a combination of Caribbean and Continental cuisine like Mille Fleurs (Jamaican meets Continental cuisine), Dickie’s Best Kept Secret (Jamaican and European cuisine), San Tropez (Continental cuisine), and Anna Bananas Restaurant (Seafood and Jamaican cuisine)


The natural beauty of Port Antonio is exquisite and remarkable. It has many tourist destinations that you dare not miss while visiting this calm and unique town.

Frenchman’s Cove. It is a secluded resort that offers a magnificent view of white sand and fresh water stream. It has the rich assortment of Jamaican flowers that attracts wildlife into it.

The Blue Lagoon. A natural lagoon decorated by a natural beauty that shows you a beautiful hue of blue in the waters which changes as the sun lit it from different angles.

Folly Point Lighthouse. A lighthouse that is built in 1888.

Folly Ruins Mansion. An old Roman styled villa built in 1905 by Alfred Mitchell intended to be his home together with his wife’s, Annie Tiffany. The Mitchell’s lived in the mansion until Alfred’s death in 1911 and the subsequent start of the First World War which led to Annie’s return to the US. From then on, the mansion has been abandoned.

Rio Grande Valley. A panoramic view of the Rio Grande River can be exciting and exhilarating especially when combined with the water sports you can try in the area.

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