Photo by: elrentaplats, Creative Commons

Every year thousands of tourists head off to embark on their great adventure outside their comfort zones. This time, it is your turn visit where they have so enjoyed – being part of nature as well as being part of a once-water world that now became a sweating desert. This is Africa’s Port-Etienne, Mauritania.

It is unbelievable once you get to land at Port-Etienne, Mauritania since you will be greeted by sand. Did you know that it used to have green lush vegetation? Even though you’d be caught out of breath at the occasional sandstorms, you will be delighted to find out that there is so much to do at Port-Etienne, Mauritania. Nouadhibou is the new name of Port-Etienne and is believed to be the city’s commercial center.

Off you go to the tourist hotspots like the Table Remarquable and don’t forget to pass by the Mediterranean Monk Seals. It’s such a photographer’s haven since they sights and sounds of the place would definitely spark up that perfect concept shot. Since this is a highly commercial place, you will be able to visit different markets that offer a variety of products which you would be able to bring home as a souvenir. Even though they are a little huge and heavy like rugs, it will definitely conclude your stay there. Test your patience when you ride the 2.5 mile long train ride. It will be stuffy inside since there is one door with a thousand people trying to go inside it.

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