Port Sudan

Port Sudan – boys playing amidst the refineries
Photo by: wikimedia, Creative Commons

The country’s main port, Port Sudan, is the capital of the Red Sea State. Founded in 1909 as a railway linking sea towards the Nile River, Port Sudan is now a favourite destination among tourists especially when they scout for beaches and exquisite scuba diving areas. Port Sudan replaced the old port Sawakin, and it used to be a transport area for cotton, sesame seed, and sorghum. These products came from agriculturally rich areas in the Nile River which were sent for export to other markets.

Port Sudan is a common departure point for many Muslims en route to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for a once in a lifetime pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca. The port today imports machinery, vehicles, fuel oil and building materials. Its chief exports are senna, gum Arabic, oilseeds, hides and skins, and also cotton.

Ports Sudan boasts of a great oil refinery that handles petroleum, and also an oil pipeline that links to Khartoum.

With a near-desert climate, tourists will surely enjoy basking under the sun here and getting a tan, or seeing great aqua life when diving. Eating and sleeping are both good for tourists in Port Sudan. You will enjoy great seafood, and accommodations with astonishing views. Believe it or not, there are a lot of Chinese tourists here. That’s also because the town center has so much charm. Whether, you eat, swim, dive, or walk around, you will enjoy Port Sudan for its uniqueness; having a hot, arid, desert like climate, with a location that’s just an inch away from a clean, refreshing body of water.

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