Porto Novo

Porto Novo architecture
Photo by: Wikimedia Babylas, Creative Commons

Where to start when you reach Porto Novo, Benin? Ask any visitor and they will point their fingers towards the impressive designs of the Abomey. It used to be a royal palace that was turned into a museum to be able to preserve the magnificent art that was designed and built centuries ago. There are guided tours to help you with your journey but it would be also nice to do the curious adventure yourself.

Porto Novo, Benin happens to be the city capital so expect some hustling and bustling throughout the day. Start making the list of the beautiful landmarks to visit once you set foot at Porto Novo, Benin. You can begin your adventure at the Porto Novo Museum of Ethnography. Here you will be impressed at the large collection of masks called the Yoruba together with the history of the city itself and that of Benin.

If you want to know more about how it was to live with African Royalty, better visit King Toffa’s Palace. It is also known as the Musée Honmé. Aside from going back in time to reminisce history at its best, you could also head off to the large plaza that has the statue of the first king of Porto Novo, Benin.

Since this exciting travel destination allows you to get in touch with the richness of Africa, you could also visit the Palace of the Governors or the palais de Gouverneur and get to know more about the national legislature.

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