Porto City in Portugal
Photo by: abhijeetrane , Creative Commons

Porto is a city in northern Portugal and is considered an alpha global city. In 1996, due to its rich cultural and historical significance, has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also one of Portugal’s oldest cities. The main city has an estimated population of 220 thousand people.

Because of its Mediterranean type climate, the city is generally cool. The summers are sunny with temperatures ranging from 15-27 degrees Celsius. Winters are generally rainy and the temperature average 5 degrees during mornings and up to 14 degrees in the afternoon.

The city generally exudes a charming and romantic vibe, especially for visiting couples. Activities which are recommended to tourists include the tram ride en route to Foz where one can see the river Douro meeting with the Atlantic Ocean. Boat trips in the river Douro are refreshing especially after you have seen the views the city. Various cruises can be arranged where the views of Maria Pia Bridge, a work of Gustav Eiffel and other historic bridges can be seen. The stacking buildings in narrow roads are best appreciated while sight seeing aboard cruise ships.

In contrast to the rich architectural evidence of its history, Porto being economically forward is also host to world class shopping amenities as well as an active night life.

Porto is a city where you can let go of your gastronomic cravings. The most popular dish tourists must try when in the city is the Tripas a moda do Porto roughly translated in English as the Tripes Porto style. The Frenchy is also a good sandwich made throughout the city with meats, cheeses and sauce made from beer and other spices that reflect the rich taste of authentic Porto’s cuisine. To top off a great meal, the port wine, a very famous of Porto, is a must have. The Port wine is a famous export product of the city all over the world.

Be mesmerized with Porto’s sunny weather, world renowned sights and tasty dishes. Visit the city now if you would like to be enticed with its Portuguese charm.

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