Poznan in Poland
Photo by: kalinagoenglish , Creative Commons

Despite the fact that Poznan goes back a thousand years or more in history, it never lacked the ability to show its people and the visitors that visit it how they can enjoy the city in utter modernity. Indeed, it has a very god way of making history and modernity come together.

The very first settlers in Poland stayed in Poznan. This city teems with the most innovative and lively metropolis and has become a perfect hub for businesses as well as entertainment and sports venues. It has a population of 600,000 with 130,000 of it being students.

Visiting Poznan, Poland is quite an exhilarating experience. You will surely enjoy the city’s architecture and arts presented in various styles that reflect the city’s rich historic past, ranging from the Roman to the Secession style. Tourists will be able to enjoy Poznan’s unique spirit as they walk along the streets taking the Royal Imperial Route, a tourist route proposed by the city. The city is also home to many international sporting events such as Rowing and Canoeing Championships and the scheduled UEFA Euro 2012, showing to the world how great organizers and hosts the Poznanians are.

When you visit the city, you will not find any trouble getting transportation or accommodation. It has its own international airport and offers coach services. More than 20,000 beds may be taken from various hotels, student houses, pension houses and even palaces. You will surely find the price that will fit your budget.

There are simply to many places to visit in Poznan. The churches, museums, parks and even cemeteries all come with stories that will not only delight your imagination. In Zagan, Poznan’s town about 150 km southwest of it is the historic Stalag Luft III. This is the prison camp immortalized by the 1963 Hollywood movie The Great Escape. You can relive the story as you walk along its hallways.

Discover more of what Poznan can offer you by booking a visit. Simply log on to various sites that can offer you a good package for a visit in Poznan and you surely will be in for an unforgettable experience.

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