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Unlike most cities in the world, South Africa has more than one capital city. This is because its three branches of government are located in three different cities. One of these capital cities is Pretoria. Pretoria is the executive capital of the country. This means this is the home of the whole executive branch, including the president and deputy president. This makes Pretoria a very important city to the South Africans.

The climate in this South African city is moderately dry sub-tropical. The weather here is very humid and is relatively hot. Pretoria’s climate is exceptional, considering the city is elevated 4,500 ft above sea level. Summers here are hot and rainy, while winters are cold and dry. As rain comes in the summer only, there are chances of drought in the wintertime since there is practically no precipitation. Also, snow is a rare thing in Pretoria.

Pretoria is definitely a place worth visiting. The city is a living documentation of South African history. A lot of events that affected the history of South Africa took place here. Two great events that took place here are the Pretoria Convention and the place of Nelson Mandela’s Inauguration. There are a lot of monuments to commemorate theses events all across the city.

An example of a place worth seeing in Pretoria is the Mahlamba Ndlopfu, or the Presidential House. This building was formerly the residence of the Prime Minister of the country. But after the position was abolished in 1984, it became the presidential residence. The name of the building is Xitsonga for “The New Dawn.” Voortrekker Monument is another site worth seeing in Pretoria. It’s a massive granite monument built to honor the pioneers who left the Cape Colony. This structure is situated on top of a hill and can be seen from anywhere in Pretoria. From afar, the monument looks like an altar.

Pretoria is a city that can tell you about South African history in great detail. If you want to learn about South Africa, all you have to do is come here.

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