Prospect Park

One way into Prospect Park
Photo by: rutlo, Creative Commons

Brooklyn has some of the most beautiful public parks in New York City. Of course, many would support this claim. While New York is popular for its sky scrapers and shopping malls, some districts and places in this buzzing city are also considered to be gems when it comes to serene and peaceful spots. Public parks in New York are known for their certain level of sophistication and their aesthetic values.

The balance of nature and convenience is so perfect that these public parks have also slowly become tourist attractions in some way. Prospect Park is an exemplary example of this. With its special attractions and the careful preservation by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, this public park has sure shot up in the must-see lists of many NYC visitors.

Prospect Park was created around the 1850s as not only a place of leisure, but also a symbol of commemoration for the American Revolution. Before it became what it is today, it had to undergo a series of reconstructions and renovations through the decades. Its major attractions include a 90 acre Long Meadow, a Villa House which could hold grand banquets and ceremonies, a recreation area with seven baseball fields, a Park Zoo, a boating area that flows to a very beautiful watercourse, and many other recreational spots like Horse Riding ranges, Ice Skating rinks during the winter, and wildlife appreciation camps.

This public park offers a very wide variety of activities for its visitors that it hardly is ever classified as an ordinary park anymore. The richness in natural beauty and the tranquil environment of the park makes it one of the best places for friends to just hang out and for families to bond.

The Prospect Park of Brooklyn is definitely a place to see once you are in New York. With its various offerings, you are sure to experience a memorable visit!

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