Pueblo County Courthouse
Photo by: Billy Hathorn, Creative Commons

The city of Pueblo is currently the most populous city situated in the Pueblo County of Colorado. The average population was estimated at 105,879 based from the 2009 US Census Bureau record. Pueblo City is famously known as the hometown of the legendary columnist Damon Runyon who often made use of the city in his writings. The city is also the hometown of NFL Hall of Famer Dutch Clark and former US President Dwight Eisenhower.

Pueblo City originally started out as an initial construction site in 1842. American traders Matthew Kinkead and George Simpson were among the few people who conceptualized the idea of constructing a small plaza in Colorado called “El Pueblo”. The name “El Pueblo” was said to be based from Simpson’s marriage to Juana Maria Sasso in 1842. In December 1854, a group of Native Americans called the “Jacarilla Apaches” and “Utes” raided the El Pueblo plaza after the discovery of illegal trading Native American utilitarian goods to other countries.

The Apaches and Utes allegedly attacked 19 men, two children and one woman during the raid. The “Colorado Gold Rush Of 1859” put a stop to the natives’ attack in El Pueblo. Since the 1870’s, Pueblo City was divided into four communities which includes the Bessemer and Southern Pueblo.
In 1981, critically-acclaimed French novelist Louis L’Amour made use of Pueblo City as his inspiration in the English Language novel “Milo Talon”.

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