Puerto Iguazu

Shoreline of Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Photo by: Ricardo Martins , Creative Commons

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina is a northeastern city of Argentina that is a favorite destination among foreign and local tourists. It is located at the border in the province of Misiones, adjacent to the countries of Paraguay and Brazil.

To go to Puerto Iguazu, you may take a plane from Buenos Aires. The Aeropuerto International Cataratas del Iguazu, which is located near the beautiful waterfalls, has daily flights to the capital city. From the airport, you may take the bus or taxi to get to any point in the city. You will have no trouble at all getting around since the transport system is organized and the streets are easy to navigate. If you want to reach this wonderful city by boat, there is a ferry that crosses directly from Paraguay and leaves hourly.

When in Puerto Iguazu, you will have an astonishing view of three beautiful countries, which are collectively known as the Triple Frontiers or La Triple Frontera. Not to be confused with Tres Fronteras or the Three Frontiers, La Triple Frontera is the tri-border spot located along the junction of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, giving you easy access to three of the world’s loveliest places to be in.

The main attraction of Puerto Iguazu is the Iguazu Falls. Also referred to as Iguacu Falls by some local settlers, this majestic body of water is located in the Iguazu National Park. These falls lead to the Iguazu River and divide it into two sections: the upper and lower Iguazu. And because of its picturesque scenery, the Iguazu Falls is considered as one of the world’s natural wonders.

The Iguazu National Park has a total land area of 212 square meters. It was built in 1934 in the middle of the subtropic jungle and was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1984. A tour of the National Park will give you a glimpse of the origin of the place and its evolution that led to its current state in the country as one of the most treasured tourist spots.

Nature lovers will surely enjoy a trip to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina for its serene beauty and tranquil environment. Imagine relaxing in the rainforest being surrounded by all the lush vegetation. Surely your body will get the rest that it deserves. So for the ultimate nature trip, count Puerto Iguazu as one of your destinations in Argentina.

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