Puerto La Cruz

Puerto La Cruz beachside
Photo by: Reindertot, Creative Commons

There are reasons Puerto La Cruz is attractive that it would not be easy to name each and every one of them. It has fast become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Venezuela because of its resorts. Their resorts have all these luxurious hotels that provide service fit for kings and queens. The hotel windows have great views of the beaches, ocean, and the mountains.

Other than this, Puerto La Cruz also has shopping centers that would wow every tourist that goes inside. These shopping centers are scattered around the popular streets in the area so almost everywhere you go, you would see one that would catch your attention.

The shopping centers are all worthy of boasting but the must-go-to places in Puerto La Cruz do not stop with just the shopping centers. Once you get tired from shopping, you may choose to eat one of their restaurants and have the time of your life. Puerto La Cruz is famous for its empanadas so make sure you do not miss out in tasting one.

You can even choose to just walk around and still see amazing sights that you would not find anywhere else. The Paseo Colon is one of the most popular examples of places like these. Just a brief walk around the area and you will surely feel satisfaction surge within you and you will instantly feel that your trip was really worth it.

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