Puerto Montt

Overhead view of Puerto Montt, Chile.

Photo by: ccordova , Creative Commons

If you are looking for a spot that highlights rich and beautiful marine tourism, Puerto Montt has these all to offer you. This city from Chile has been famous throughout the globe for being the perfect gateway for cruises, fjords, and parks. That is why many tourists embrace this beautiful port city, Puero Montt.

Geographically, Puerto Montt lies at the southern end of Pan American Highway. Aside from being the home to fjords, cruises, and parks, it is also a home for canals, snowcapped mountains, volcanoes, islands, and forested hills. Hence, if you wish to witness the endless beauty of this city, here are some great points you must not forget when visiting Puerto Montt.

Activities Not To Miss

There is an endless list of activities to do here in Puerto Montt. The first one is to see the beautiful Cruce de Lagos. This is a complete vacation touring the whole of the city going to Bariloche in Argentina. Here, you get to cross Todo los Santos Lake located in the park of Vicente Perez Rosales through a luxurious catamaran.

Aside from this, there are also smaller cruises in the city such as Navimag cruises, which is a fjord cruise to Puerto Natales. You can also go horseback riding and boat sailing as well.

Places Not To Miss

One of the city’s main attractions is the Municipal Museum Juan Pablo II. Here, you can see pictures, objects, pieces of mapuches and chilotas, weapons, and many other treasures. You can also see the oldest buildings in the city, which are the square and the cathedral.

Another must-see destination in Puerto Montt is the beautiful Puerto de Angelmo. You will be delighted with the magnificent ferries and ships headed to different places of destination. There is also the Spa Pelluco, beautiful beaches, cabins, restaurants, and hotels there.

True, with the sights and activities you can do here in Puerto Montt, it will always be worth your time and money to pay a visit. And the good news is that going to this city will not give you even the slightest of all headaches. You have a choice of reaching the city either by land, by water, or by air. What you only need to do is to make that wise decision to see for yourself all what is offered by this great city of Chile, which is none other than Puerto Montt.

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