Puerto Ordaz

Fire in the sky over Puerto Ordaz
Photo by: NeoGaboX, Creative Commons

One of the less popular places in Venezuela in terms of tourist attraction is Puerto Ordaz. Because this place is treated as a transport hub for most people, they do not get to go around and see the amazing sceneries in the city.

There is actually a really locally famous park in Puerto Ordaz called La Llovizna. This place has waterfall that would catch the attention of tourists. This has got to be one of the most breathtaking sceneries you would ever see in Venezuela and it is only just ten minutes from downtown. You can go here after having a wonderful time touring the place and relax underneath the water directly falling from above.

One advantage of this place being a transport hub is the availability of tour organizers. In fact, you would even find a lot of them the moment you arrive to the place. You might think of this as them taking advantage of you but it would be the other way around if you allow them to tour you around the place and you have a great time.

Other than waterfalls, Puerto Ordaz also has a lot of rivers open for tourists. In the tows Salto Angel and La Gran Sabana, you will find rivers Caroni and Orinoco connecting with each other.

There are also museums in this city. Because of the rich history in almost every part of Venezuela, museums are always present. Each museum has different artifacts relating to Venezuelan culture so make sure to visit one in Puerto Ordaz when you get the time.

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