Puerto Quepos

Quepos mountainside
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Like many other tourist spots in Costa Rica, Puerto Quepos is defined by its many natural attractions. Fishermen from all over the world come to challenge themselves with big game sport fishing as Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish, among other fish species, are abundantly found in Quepos’ waters. Naturalists and scientists also flock to Quepos to immerse themselves in the area’s rich variety of flora and fauna.

Beach lovers should make it a point to visit the Miguel Antonio National Park, which is just seven km south of Quepos. The Park boasts of four secluded beaches where visitors can swim in the warm waters, walk along the shore or simply sit and luxuriate in the lush surroundings. There are also other leisure activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and mountain biking. And guests should not forget to take advantage of the network of hiking trails, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the area’s natural biodiversity; some 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds call the park home.
Quepos itself boasts of many leisure activities for visitors, including several fine lounges, bars and restaurants. The town center, which is located along the beach front, is a square filled with art galleries, shops, hotels and eateries. And during the town’s festival, open-air concerts, street parties and parades are held.

While the climate in Quepos is generally temperate, the best times to visit are from January to April, when the weather is dry. September is rainy season, while March and April may prove to be too hot for many tourists.

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