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Pula is located on the Istrian Peninsula and is most visited by tourists from other countries during summer. It is rich and history and a favorite destination for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

It is easiest to reach Pula by plane, since it has an international airport that has daily flights to the capital city of Zagreb and direct flights to and from other European cities, such as Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Vienna, Oslo, Amsterdam and Zurich. From the airport you may take the bus to get to your hotel or to any destination within Pula. There are also taxis for your travel convenience.

There are many sites to visit in Pula that will surely make you want to come back for more. There are historical places to see and enjoy as well as artistic structures to appreciate. Among these is the Roman Arena, which is the 6th largest Roman amphitheater to survive. You may take the audio tour inside the Coliseum in order to completely enjoy your visit to this historical place.

Another notable structure to visit in Pula is the Forum, the main square located on the original site of the ancient Roman forum right at the center of the city. Inside this square are the 10th century city hall and the Temple of August, which was built around the first century.

The Archaeology Museum is also a must see among tourist visiting Pula. This is where important artifacts relevant to Pula’s and Croatia’s history are exhibited to let the tourists know more about the beginnings of this beautiful country.
For a taste of good architecture here in Pula, drop by the 14th century St. Francis church and monastery and the 6th century Orthodox church. The Kastel, which is a 17th century castle, features both beautiful architecture and Istrian history through the museum that is houses.

When you are done visiting historical places, try relaxing on the panoramic islands of Brijuni. This is both a Croatian National Park and a holiday resort for the total enjoyment of families and friends.

Pula is certainly a destination that will cater to all your relaxing needs. Don’t forget to include this wonderful place in your itinerary when vacationing in Croatia.

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