Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas, Chile

Photo by: cmichel67 , Creative Commons

Flying to the southernmost city on Earth is truly such a remarkable experience. Aside from its geographical location, Punta Arenas is also a reflection of great culture, history, world-class sceneries, and excursions. Even though winds mostly prevail here in the city, it is not a hindrance for travelers like you to enjoy the beauty offered by it. In fact, this is one of the most well traveled cities in Chile.

Like the other cities of Chile, Punta Arena has many good things and places to offer its tourists. So before taking a leave off from work and head for the city, take note of all the great places you must not miss in the city. For instance, there is the Plaza Munoz Gamero. This is the city’s cemetery in where you can witness many elaborate tombs. There are also the Braun Menendez Residence and Sara Braun Palace. Both are preserved pieces of treasure from the history of Punta Arena. Plus, you can also experience a glacier field in Torres del Paine National Park or even an exciting Antarctic cruise.

Much more, you must not also miss the city’s best spot for tourists, which is the Cerro La Cruz. Guests like you will surely enjoy the breathtaking views of the ancient city streets, the village’s colorful roads, and the majestic strait’s view.

Another thing you must also check out is the Museo Salesiano de Mayonino Borgatello. This museum houses important pieces that where collected by some great missionaries of the city. Examples of collections in the museum include artifacts from animal species, ceramics, and antiques of the wealthy families of the past.

Plus, for a closer trip to nature, you must experience a day trip to the Pinguineros. This is a perfect penguin settlement that can give you an adventure of a lifetime. There is also the Parque Nacional Torres del Plaine, which is the city’s introduction to Antarctica.

Indeed, these wonderful places in Punta Arenas are just few of the majestic offerings of this city in Chile. Truly, if you are tired of beach getaways and want a perfect trip to remember, there can be no other choice but Punta Arenas. The places, adventures, and activities in the city are all fun and exciting as they are written. So there is no more point to miss this amazing city in the southernmost part of the globe.

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