Punta Gorda

The shoreline of Punta gorda, Belize.

Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

The capital of the country’s Toledo District is the town called Punta Gorda, Belize. This town is located at the very southernmost part of the region and is home to around 5000 residents who come from various ethnic backgrounds. If you want a laid back vacation that includes lazy walks around town, bike rides and interaction with the locals on a personal basis, then Punta Gorda, Belize is the place for you to visit.

You can get to this part of Belize by buses that you can take from Belize City. For a faster ride to Punta Gorda, you can opt for the express bus which takes you to this town in around 5 hours. Regular buses can get you there in around six to seven hours. If you do not see yourself sitting in a bus for hours on end, you can choose to go by plane. There are flights from Belize City and from the International Airport of Belize that go to Punta Gorda and these flights are serviced by the Tropic and Maya Air service.

Some of the sights you should not miss when you are in this southernmost town of Belize include the Lubaantun Maya Ruins and the Punta Gorda Oldest House, two historic attractions that represent different eras in the area. If you are into bargain hunting and souvenir collecting, you should try and visit the Punta Gorda Open Market as well as the Fajina Craft Center. Here you will find some of the best local items for sale for you to take home and add to your collection and to give loved ones as mementos from the south.

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