Purpose of Stonehenge

Stonehenge has become one of the world’s most interesting historical sites and has provided a great mystery over time. This popular site is located in the United Kingdom in the county of Wiltshire. This amazing work has drawn millions of people from all over the world and it is constantly visited each year.

It was also considered a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986 and is maintained by the English Heritage. There are a lot of Stonehenge theories that brings people closer to this historical site. There has been a lot of mystery on how these stones were constructed and how they were used. Here are a few Stonehenge theories that have been gathered over time:

Early Supernatural Theories About The Stonehenge

Many historians and writers in the early period were influenced by folktales or supernatural stories when it comes to the construction of the Stonehenge. They believed that Merlin, a very famous wizard brought these stones into creation to help him with his magic. Others believe that he magically brought these stones from the Mt. Killaraus which is located in Ireland.

These associations of magic and the structure of the Stonehenge led to the making of medieval romance over time. There were a lot of arguments to how these stones were placed in its specific location and it wasn’t until the latter part of time that science was able to reveal more about this mysterious monument.

A Place For Pagan Ritual

In 1640 John Aubrey stated that the Stonehenge was the creation of Druids. A druid is a person in Ireland, Gaul or Britain who was part of the priestly class. There are no real accounts of the existence of these people since there has been no evidence of their works. They were just mentioned in literature or stories of the ancient people. Aubrey stated that the Stonehenge was made to assist the Druids with their pagan rituals. He received objections about these claims and this theory was later debunked.

The Calendar Theory

There are people who believe that these stones were created to give a sense of time for people in the early days. Precise calendar dates during the ancient time was needed for agriculture, social, religious reasons. The construction of the Stonehenge has a double level circle with a central stone.

It was believed that this is where the early people observed the rise of constellations in the sky. It was here that they were able to observe the seasons that come and goes. Since these stones were believed to have been built in 3100 BC and was finished in 1600 BC, there was no way that people had a standard calendar. It was in this stones that they were able to observe the sunrise and sunset for different seasons which helped them especially when it comes to hunting.

Theories for Healing

The Stonehenge was also believed to have magical properties that helped with healing rituals. It was Geoffrey Wainwright and Timothy Darvill who taught of this theory in September 22, 2008. They believed that the Stonehenge may have been a pilgrimage and healing site for people in the early times.

They also say that the stones were responsible for giving magic to the site which led them to believe that this place led the Neolithic world to seek refuge in it. They said that it was the bluestones that gathered in the Stonehenge that provided a healing property for everyone. Even if there maybe some truth to this theory by the two archeologists, a lot of people are disputing this since there is no scientific evidence in their claims.

A Burial Site

After all these Stonehenge theories, a lot of people seem to agree that this historical site used to be a burial site. They have found evidence of bones and other remains in the Stonehenge which was dated around 3000 BC. A lot of people also believe that this site was made for the elite people in the early times and it was these people who were buried in the Stonehenge.

These are just some of the Stonehenge theories that history have gathered. There are still a lot of theories that accompany this mysterious, historical site. We may never know the real purpose of these stones but it still gives people a new culture to immerse themselves in.

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