Pusan temple at the foot of a hill
Photo by: angel malachite, Creative Commons

You are deciding where to go next on your travel adventure when your interest is piqued by South Korea’s second largest metropolis, Pusan. Its official name is Busan Metropolis City that has the largest port city in the country, which is the fifth largest in the whole world. This can be found at the Southeasternmost edge of the Korean Peninsula. The name may be familiar because it hosted the APEC 2005 Korea. Pusan hosted the 2002 Asian Games and became one of the host cities the same year for the FIFA World Cup. It continues to show its interest in sports after it has announced that the city is officially bidding to become the host for the Summer Olympic Games in 2020.

Aside from sports, this is also considered a favorite spot for shoppers because the place houses the Shinsegae Centrum City, which is actually the largest department store in the world. The city has current projects of building numerous multi-skyscraper projects. It is also pursuing to create the third tallest building in the world, the Lotte Super Tower that they aim to finish in 2013. They hope that this is going to follow in the steps of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai.

Pusan usually gets a humid subtropical climate and any extremities in weather are very rare. The last storm that caused lots of damage and fatalities in the area happened on September 12, 2003 during the Typhoon Maemi.

While in the area, you may want to visit its beaches, parks, resorts and museums. For hiking enthusiasts, you have to visit the Geumjeongsan. This can be found near a highly established national institute for high school education, which is known as PNU or the Pusan National University.

Along Dongnae-gu, you can go at its famous natural spa area, which is known as the Dongnae Oncheon. You will find lots of shopping centers, restaurants and tourist hotels within the vicinity.

The city is the summer capital of the country because it has six beaches that people love going to during the season. You can definitely make the most out of your time by spending enough days going around the scenic spots at Pusan, South Korea.

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