Glaciers in Greenland
Photo by: basheertome, Creative Commons

With nearly 3,000 residents, Qaqortoq is the biggest town in South Greenland and probably the most attractive and charming town in the entire of Greenland. The municipality possesses a lovely centre with a tiny square with Greenland’s most ancient fountain. There are strikingly attractive colonial edifices dating back to year 1775 when the municipality was discovered, as well. The chief industries in the municipality are administration, service and fishing. As the core of education in South Greenland, the streets of Qaqortoq are typified by the several students that live there.

The culture venture called “Stone & Man” can be regarded as an open call to survey the municipality in order to look for thirty varying patterns that are carved into stones and rocks by the Scandinavian and local artists. The Vor Fresler Kirke built in 1832, which is known as the Church of Our Saviour, and Qaqortoq’s two other museums are worth visiting, as well. Among the municipality’s most significant sites of work is the Great Greenland Furhouse, which is frequently open to guests. Brief walks around Qaqortoq are possible as well, for instance around the huge lake.

From the town of Qaqortoq, you can stop by on settlements via boat, for instance the North Episcopal house at Igaliku or Eqalugaarsuit. A couple of hours northeast of the municipality via boat, you will discover the best preserved Norse ruin in all of Greenland called Hvalsey Church. Further south on the island of Uunartoq, you will find hot springs. The town also provides kayak sailing, sports fishing excursions, overnight stays and a lot of other trips.

You can arrive at the town of Qaqortoq from the most essential gateway of South Greenland, which is the Narsarsuaq airport, via both ship and helicopter. The municipalities in South Greenland are situated near to each other. There is an excellent helicopter route system and ship and boat connections at regular basis. However, these can be interrupted by reserved quantities of fjord ice in winter seasons and floating field ice in summer seasons.

Qaqortoq has the ability to provide a blend of modern Greenland, history and culture, as well as lush scenery that gives a variety of walks and icebergs. After over one hour of sailing through a fjord with scenery of green mountain sides, Hvalsey Church ruins will come into view.

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