Pearl Farm in Rangiroa
Photo by: clesenne, Creative Commons

Experiencing marine life can never be as exciting as being in one of the world’s best dive destinations, which is the island of Rangiroa. The aerial view alone of this atoll gives out a breathtaking scene already. With 240 tiny motu or islets scattered in the ocean, Rangiroa’s atoll shines like a giant pearl necklace in the beautiful ocean. And, there are more surprises waiting for you just under the turquoise waters of the island.

This magnificent island of the South Pacific boasts of its world-class underwater adventures such as diving and snorkeling. There are millions of varieties of fishes including large species such as sharks, tuna, and eagle rays. If you are not much of a diver or snorkeler, don’t worry. You can still experience the magnificence of the island’s underwater world through riding a glass-bottomed boat. This boat sails all throughout the lagoon, which will give you a great view of the marine life of the island. In fact, there is a 150-foot visibility in the waters that can make your boat adventure much like diving or snorkeling.

Aside from the breathtaking experience of the marine life of Rangiroa, you can also see more of some sort of fantasy and luxury in one here. Yes, this island is home to the most fantastic Tahitian Pearls. You can have the chance to visit pearl farms here and witness how these magnificent gems are harvested and cultivated.

Moreover, the island has a lot more to offer you. If you are just craving for a good time in the sand, Rangiroa also offers sugary white sand beaches. There is the Blue Lagoon Motu, which is one of the most popular beaches here. Tiputa Point is a good vista point and a picnic area, too. Another known beach is the L’ile Aux Recifs that can give you a view of unique fossilized coral formations.

Other than all these attractions, there are a lot of other great activities that can be done here in Rangiroa. This includes deep sea fishing, parasailing, water skiing, kayaking, and a lot more kinds of water sports.

When speaking of transportation all throughout Rangiroa, there is not much of a difficulty here. Since there are only a few roads, scooters, open-air cars, and bicycles can be rented. Meanwhile, for exploring the lagoon, there are motorboats, sailboats, and canoes that you can use. Going in and out of the island is easy as well since Rangiroa is served by Air Haiti.

Indeed, there can be no experience as complete and enchanting as what is offered by Rangiroa. With the beauty of its oceans, beaches, and pearl farms, there can be nothing more you can ask for in a getaway with the waters.

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