Rarotonga’s coastline
Photo by: g-hat, Creative Commons

Rarotonga Cook Island’s name comes from Tonga and ‘raro’ meaning down south. Its most popular version of origin is the famous Tahitian Navigator, Iro. The climate is also equable. It enjoys a very sizzling temperature between 18C and 28C during winter and 21C to 29C during summer which spans from November to April.

Rarotonga Cook Island is the youngest island in the Cook Islands. It stands 14,750ft above the sea ground and has 20 miles in circumference. A very attractive island that has a net of 15 islands located in the heart of the pacific, Raratonga Island offers a very unique and friendly character and a diverse and vigorous culture. Despite its heavy tourist visits every year, the island of Raratonga remains largely unspoiled by its tourism industry. Visiting Rarotonga offers tourist a very rare opportunity to experience a different kind of vacation. Rarotonga may not have high rise hotels, but its four beach buggies are guaranteed to give visitors the hype.

An island that is ideal for travelers who are seeking for more than typical clichés, each of the islands located in Raratonga Cook Island offers unique characters and a special experience. There are actually many things you can do when you are in Rarotonga which includes sightseeing trips, boating diving, fishing and adventure activities. If you love sea sports then you can try scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling and fishing trips. Currently, this island serves as the entry point for Cook Islands which can be travelled through air. The Air Rarotonga offer regular flies to most of Cook Island.

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