Red Hook

Red Hook boat dock
Photo by: Skelling2008, Creative Commons

If you love the water and your kids are urging you to go on a vacation, you may want to consider treating them to a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. You really need not go that far to enjoy with your family. Once you have decided, plan your trip to Red Hook, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This town in Saint Thomas has attractions that will surely delight everybody on board this trip. This is smaller as compared to Charlotte Amalie, but you will have doses of fun as you go about its sights and attractions.

To start with, you can treat your family to some shopping and restaurant hopping after you have arrived at the place. There may be few malls that can be found on the site, but this must not hinder you to go check these out. After the initial activities, you can then proceed to what you really came here for, the beaches. Before dipping on the water and enjoying the sun and the sands, you may want to spend some time at the Coral World Marine Park where you can enjoy certain treats such as Sea Trekkin’, Undersea Observatory, Caribbean Reef Encounter, Iguana Feeding Area and the Turtle Pool. After such experience, you can head at the neighboring Coki Beach to let your family enjoy snorkeling on the island. This can really be a great vacation that you will all enjoy and treasure.

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