Reed Flute Cave

Crystal Palace of the Red Flute Cave 400
The Crystal Palace in the Reed Flute Cave
Photo by: howardignatius, Creative Commons

When you are done visiting China’s caves that are full of artifacts, a visit to the Reed Flute Cave may be a welcome relief. The Cave is located in Guilin, Guangxi, China.

The cave is a haven for spelunking enthusiasts. The water-rich place is abundant in limestones affected by carbon deposition making wonderful formations like stalactites, stalagmites, rock formations, and stone pillars. Treading inside the cave makes the tourists feel protected as when the cave was a primary shelter against weather and predators by those who lived there before.

The place is called Reed Flute Cave because of the abundance of reed plants present outside the cave. The reeds are used by the locals to make flutes.

Tourists are welcomed by a U-shaped route to the cave. The tour lasts for about an hour. Everyone will be enamored by the various names given to the rock formations. With such poetic assignments like: Dragon Pagoda, Crystal Palace, Virgin Forest, Fruit Mountains, Flower and other interesting labels. The labels are inscribed in plates that date back to the Tang Dynasty.

Taking pictures is allowed inside the cave as long you don’t use a flash. This means that your camera must have high ISO levels in order for you to take pictures successfully. The 240 meter long cave is illuminated that make the place a palace of natural design.

After the trip to the cave, you can enjoy the man-made park full of zigzag paths, ponds, bridges, and Chinese architectures.

The reed flute cave is a fantastic destination for the nature lover. Places such as this, tell the story of a mighty Creator.

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