Fountain in a park in Remich
Photo by: exfordy, Creative Commons

Remich is the smallest city in the country of Luxembourg. It is mainly a tourist town and an important commercial area for the whole country. It has a population of fewer than 3000. It is on the south-eastern part of Luxembourg and a member of the Grevenmacher district.

The European highway Saarbrucken passes through the entire town, making it easily accessible. The town is nothing less than a picturesque of vineyards and historic landmarks. Remich is located on bank of the Moselle River which borders Luxembourg and Germany.

The town is full of tree-shaded rivers and panoramic views. The Moselle river is accessible through motorboats and boat trips. Pleasure trips along the length of the river are common activities among tourists. Remich also offer tennis courts and a mini golf course. Entertainment is offered whole year round through ice skating rinks, camping facilities, and heated pools. A mini train also traverses the town for easier transportation.

Found in Remich, the Moselle valley houses the most exquisite wines in Europe. The valley is dominated by wine makers and traders. Remich is most famous for these wines and frequently visited by not only tourists but other Europeans as well. Along the river, a splendid trail called the Esplanade attracts visitors from nearby places. Each Sunday, visitors from Germany, France, Belgium and other parts of Luxembourg comes to the place and walk along the river bank, admiring its beauty and taking advantage of the natural scenery.

The town is also noted as being the birthplace of Mary Alfred Moes, a Catholic Nun that established the Sisters of St. Francis of Rochester. A monument has been built in Rochester in her honor.

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