Renaissance Theater in Lincoln Center

Sports, games, special events, and grand celebrations are all different kinds of entertainment for people. But one in particular has been one of the most famous of all and that are the performing arts which is commonly performed in a theater. One theater in particular that serves as a venue for such performances is the Renaissance Theater in Lincoln Center.

Similar to sports where there are different kinds of categories, there are different kinds of types when it comes to performing arts or theatrical arts. One of the types of performing arts is drama where performers commonly known as actors (actresses for female) act out stories in front of an audience using speech, dance, gestures and any other elements of performing arts.

The Renaissance Theater is venue to many different types of plays where both families and friends can sit back and enjoy the show. A lot of plays have different kinds of genre and one of the most common is similar to what is mentioned earlier which is drama. In this genre, the actors act out a story filled mostly with serious emotions, events which make the viewers or in this case, the audience be filled with suspense, or sadness and other emotions that can relate to what is situated in the stage. Usually dramatic plays end happily, and some have a sad ending nonetheless, either ending make the audience satisfied.

Another genre of a play is comedy; a genre filled with humor and would rarely make at least one audience not laugh. It is filled with humorous scenes, events of happiness and enjoyment, perfect for a simple family time. There are many other genres of plays that are performed in the theater and the performers often do the same play over and over again with different sets of audiences.

The Renaissance Theater is somewhat small, with roughly eighty five seats and is located inside the Lincoln Mill Village Commissary Building wherein a number of historic events took place. In the year 2000 with the help of Bob Baker who bought the Lincoln Center, the Renaissance Theater is now a functioning theater once again.

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