Reuben H Fleet Science Center

Reuben H Fleet Science Center
Photo by: Vrysxy, Creative Commons

San Diego’s Reuben H Fleet Science Center is a Science Museum located in Balboa Park. The museum was built in 1973 and since then has lead the way when it comes to the being the most interactive and best Science museum in the United States. Reuben H. Fleet Science Center has established itself as a pioneer when it comes to museum technology, fusing the planetarium with State Of The Art IMAX Theater for its scheduled presentations. This technology is called the OMNIMAX Theater which has set the bar among fun and entertaining Science museums all over America. And because of this, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center has maintained its spot among San Diego’s Top 10 Attractions.

The IMAX theaters feature amazing and out of this world exhibits such as interplanetary expedition experience and other interesting showcases which feature the mysterious entities of the universe. Since the year the museum was established, it was already famous for these amazing presentations which were even enhanced because of the amazing advancement in today’s technology.

The Science Center was named after Reuben H Fleet, who was an aircraft master whose company manufactured the aircrafts that were used during World War 2. The museum was established by his family and soon developed into the leading science museum that it is today.

The Reuben H Fleet Science Center opens at 10 am and closes until 8 pm on weekdays (except Mondays which closes at 5 pm). Guided tours are available for a nominal fee (discounts for seniors and children).

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