Relaxing at Grecja Rodos, Greece
Photo by: Bartek Baltazar, Creative Commons

Rhodes City is actually the largest on Rhodes Island in Greece. It is where the office of its local government can be found. It also has a very impressive history. But tourists should visit the whole island of Rhodes because there are many great places to visit. After all, this island is among the most prolific and largest in all of Greece. In addition, this place has year round bright, sunny days. That is why beach lovers really love to go here. They sunbathe, snorkel, swim, dive, and surf.

Among the best beaches are Lindos, Faliraki, Ladiko, and Tsambika. And a majority of the beaches in Rhodes offer deck chairs for rent. Many hotels and restaurants are found near the beaches, as well. But not all of the hotels here are expensive. Tourists can get accommodations for fairly reasonable prices. In addition, the hotel personnel are courteous and friendly. They can also speak in English, as well as a few more languages.

Other popular tourist destinations are the Castle of Monolithos and the Castle of Kalki. The Palace of the Prince Grand Master is another tourist spot, as well. The tourists can go on excursions to Symi while riding a boat from Rhodes city. And they can buy jewelry, wine, and souvenirs from the various stores. Sponges, olive oils, and religious figures are commonly sold. Try the famous local drinks such as ouzu and mythos. Their frappé is very delicious too. And at the day’s end, they could rest on the many hotels such as the popular Rhodian Sun Hotel.

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