Old Waterway in Ribe
Photo by: DeFries, Creative Commons

People always want to visit new places and do new things. But if there’s one thing that would leave a mark in a tourist’s life, it’s a visit to Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe. Ribe used to be the most important trade city of Scandinavia a home to many notable people including Holger K. Nielsen, former leader of the Socialist People’s Party.

Ribe is a great tourist destination because of its many cultural and environmental features. It is home to the Ribe Cathedral, the oldest Scandinavian church that was erected in 1496 by the order of Ansgar, the archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen. Another notable church in Ribe is the Saint Catharine church and monastery. Ribe, Denmark is also home to very historical museums such as the Ribe Viking museum, Ribe art museum, the Ribe Viking center and Antivarisk Samling, Denmark’s oldest museum.

Ribe is also a great place for nature lovers. The Ribe River alone is something to look out for. It flows magnificently through town and is a riparian habitat to some species. Unique birdlife is found in and around town such as the European White Stork. There are also great things to see at the Mando Island nature reserve, which is about 30km southwest of the city.

If you want to participate in something very cultural it would have to be with the Night Watchmen in Ribe. Every evening from May 1 to September 15, you may accompany a night watchman who strolls through town reminding people that bedtime is approaching. If you really want a historical tour, Ribe should be on top of your list.

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