Fishing in Riberalta, Bolivia.

Photo by: Wiki, Creative Commons

Riberalta is located in Beni, Bolivia. It is the capital of Vaca Díez Province as well as the Riberalta Municipality.

During dry season, Riberalta is the closest area you can get to in order to reach the beaches of Bolivia. More so, you can have a nice stroll along rivers. Riberalta boasts of sandy beaches. On the other hand, Riberalta is also the easiest way to reach other great places in Bolivia. About 25 km from Riberalta, you can reach the Tumichucua community, which means Isle of Palms. A beautiful lake consisting of a tropical island is found in this community.

The old Rubber-boom city can also be reached 90 km from Riberalta. It is the largest city in Beni where tourist trips are offered. In addition, the Las Piedras town can be reach 92 km from Riberalta. You can play pool next to a football field and order food. It is the town where the long wall of Incas is located.

If you are in the mood to go further, you can reach a scenic resort 9 km from Las Piedras. This resort boasts of beautiful cabins, delicious food and snacks, and sandy beaches. You can also find a lake that offers a good view of diversified forestry.

Riberalta can be reached either by land or air. You can get around using motorbikes that usually charge between 3 to 4 Bolivianos per ride anywhere in the town. These motorbikes are considered the taxis in Riberalta. When you want to go to a place, make sure you know its name rather than the address.

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