Riffa Fort interior, Riffa, Bahrain
Photo by: Wiki Commons , Creative Commons

Do you enjoy playing golf in exotic locations? If you do, there is no better place to go to but Riffa, Bahrain. This city is in the central part of the kingdom of Bahrain and is separated in two: the East and the West. East Riffa is a relatively larger tourist spot compared to West Riffa. The latter is basically filled with residential areas except the clock tower in the center of the city.

One of East Riffa’s major attractions is the Riffa Golf Club. It is located in a wadi and is the only place in Bahrain which offers golf training. If you are a golfer, you would surely enjoy playing in this golf club in the stream. There is also a lovely shopping place nearby called the Riffa Bazaar. Here you can find high quality goods at very reasonable prices. It’s a perfect place to buy souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.

Another spot you should visit is the Riffa Fort. It used to be the base for all governmental activities in the kingdom until 1869. Its construction goes back to as far as 1812. The fort is extremely spacious and has two chambers. If you want to experience the unique feel of the desert wind in the night, the Riffa Fort is definitely where you should go.

West Riffa is also a place you must see although it is mainly residential. It also has malls and hotels that you would love to explore and enjoy. If you love sports, you may also witness some major sport events in the National Stadium which is in this part of the city.

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