Rincon, Puerto Rico
Photo by: oquendo , Creative Commons

Rincon, Puerto Rico is one of Puerto Rico’s municipality founded by Don Luis de Añasco in 1771. After the city of Carolina and San Juan, Rincon ranks as the third among the richest municipality in Puerto Rico. Rincon, Puerto Rico is known for the best beaches for surfing in their country. Such beaches include Marias, Domes, Sandy Beach, Tres Palmas, Rincon Town Beach Plaza and Pools Beach. The World Surfing Championship in 1968 was held in Domes Beach. Since that event, many locals and tourists have been visiting Rincon for a one of a kind wave experience.

The city’s flag was designed and created by Evaristo Moreno. The white star in the center symbolizes the urban region. The nine wards were represented by nine stars surrounding the white central star. Orange, red and yellow colors means vitality, vigor and Christianity. The white and green symbolizes purity, unity, vegetation and hope.

Rincon, Puerto Rico is known for their production of fruit and sugar cane. They are also into cattle ranching. Their other industries include clothing, chemical, electronics and electrical products and scientific instruments. Aside from the famous beaches, Rincon is also popular for their Punta Higueras Light that the Spaniards built in 1890s. The lighthouse was unique because of its rotating candlepower beacon consisting of 26,000 unmanned pieces.

Tourists come to Rincon to experience their colorful festivities and activities. Such festivities are the Whale Festival held every March, International Film Festival of Rincon held every April to May, the Coconut Festival every May, and Feast of Santa Rosa de Lima every August.

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