Photo by: Russ Bowling , Creative Commons

One of the most popular tourist destinations in North-eastern France is Riquewihr. The land area of the entire locale is about six thousand square miles. It is so well preserved that it is known to look the same way it did back in the 16th century. It stands only a few minutes away from other Alsatian communes or villages. This small village has become quite popular for its production of great wines. This is the Riquewihran forte – especially when it comes to Riesling. Back in the 1600’s, this place was referred to as the Winzerdorf or better known as the “wine village”. German and Alsatian wines were traded in this place back then.

The way this village has been preserved is quite impeccable. Among the museums that you will find here is a castle. It has once housed the Dukes of Württemberg who originally owned the lands. This particular castle now houses artifacts and a number of significant pieces which represents the culture and historical memorabilia for the village. The castle overlooks a number of medieval fortifications all around the commune which was built during the same era.

As the years have passed and World War II spread havoc to the world, Riquewihr was fortunate to be among the very few towns in the region to be spared from much destruction. Though it received its share of damages, it was able to retain its formidable structures. And to be able to commemorate those days, you will be able to find a museum about Alsace during the period in history. You might also fancy visiting La Salle de torture or the torture chamber.

These days, as you walk towards the Main Street, you will feel as if you were taken back to the early 1600’s. Each structure looks practically the same way it did in the past. Houses and arches as well as the Dolder Tower have always been spectacular sites for tourists to visit.

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