Beach in Ristna
Photo by: Hannu, Creative Commons

Are you looking for an adventure in a foreign land? Are you tired of going to the same places you go to in Europe? If you are thinking of visiting the continent around summer time, why not try to visit Ristna, Estonia and experience first-hand the amazing holiday paradise you could ever hope for.

What does Ristna, Estonia have to offer to the rest of the world? You see, when you go there, you will be immediately greeted by a sign that says, “Surfer’s Paradise.” The Ristna Beach is also known to be a Paradise Beach because of its amazing location and the facilities for water sports are truly amazing. The beach is long and surrounded by forest and trees. You will have a great time basking in the sun and relaxing with a good read or just by sampling viewing the sights.

If you are an avid water sports fan, then you will truly enjoy your stay in the beach. They have great water sports facilities. You can choose between water skiing and hand-gliding. You can also make use of their jet ski or take their survival tours. If you are a bit of an athlete, you can explore their commando-style obstacle course or join their orientation runs.

You can also enjoy a tour of the Ristna Lighthouse which was originally a cast-iron structure build by the Germans in World War I. If you want to just chill and enjoy the waters, you can also go for a swim on the beach.

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