Half Moon Bay at Roatan
Photo by: Theordore Scott, Creative Commons

If you are trying to find the best beaches in all of Honduras, then Roatan city is the place to go. Located in the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatan offers some of the best scuba diving spots in the world. The city is wondrously surrounded by the world’s second largest coral reef which is mostly just near the coast. The very touristy Caribbean island provides clear and lovely beaches perfect for swimming and snorkelling as it showcases beautiful varieties of aquatic life.

There are countless things to do when in Roatan Honduras, whether in water or in land. The Tabutne I Live aboard Diving Boat will take you diving and snorkeling in great spots including the Deep Sea Submersible in the West End Village. Roatan provides a semi-sub which is a glass bottom boat to take you to a Coral Reef exploration. Sailing tours are also available for those who like more snorkeling and some sunbathing, lunch and drinks are already included. For those calm and quiet afternoons, a trip to the Mango Creek Lodge offers fun fishing for the visitors.

When on land, there are many places to visit in Roatan such as the Butterfly Garden, the Carambola Gardens, and the Mangrove Canal. Roatan offers mainland tours and fun horseback riding on the West End beach as well as four zip line jungle canopy tour adventures. The city also has fun shopping areas where you can purchase Central American arts and crafts, cigars, tee-shirts and a lot more.

When in Roatan, visitors may find interesting the native attractions; such as the Monkey Lala or the basilisk, the beautiful Red-Lored Parrot, and the amazing Yaba Ding Dings, broken pieces of pottery left by The Bay Islands’ early settlers.

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